To revitalize the act of gift-giving, cultivating meaningful moments that celebrate each individual's unique gifts and traits while embracing the truth that we are all OHkay just as we are.

Our Story

Two Hawaiʻi moms came together over the shared joy of celebrating special moments through the art of gift-giving. As moms, they loved the practice of giving gifts for all the occasions, but understood that being a parent poses enough challenges as it is, and most parents don't have the time or energy to source meaningful gifts.

These two mothers realized that if they wanted to find meaningful, affordable gifts to give their kids and for their kids to give each other, they would have to make and find them themselves. They decided to start Ohkay Collection, focusing first on ornaments for the Christmas season. These ornaments were comprised of Hawaii-inspired characters, each of whom possessed unique characterstics that children (and adults) could see themselves in.

They saw the specialness of every child (theirs and others), but they also saw how society was teaching kids not to fully embrace all of themselves. Qualities that weren't ideal were taught to be tamped down or withheld. And then they remembered it wasn't just kids who are taught to do this, but all of us. We are all taught, in some way, to resist certain parts of ourselves. We have all been taught, at some point, that some aspect of us is not okay.

Ohkay Collection has since expanded into a range of paper, gift, and party products, We are dedicated to representation, community, and making the art of gift-giving easy, affordable, and meaningful.


Our values serve as a compass guiding who we are, how we work, and what we aspire towards.

Inclusivity: We celebrate everyone, from all walks of life. We value inclusivity and strive to create a welcoming and accepting environment where everyone feels represented, respected, and included.

Authenticity: We believe in being true to ourselves and encouraging others to do the same. We value authenticity and strive to provide products and experiences that reflect genuine emotions, connections, and expressions of love.

Community: We believe that gift giving is more than just something we do--it's how we can connect more deeply. We foster a sense of belonging and encourage the building of connections among individuals who share a passion for meaningful gift-giving and celebration.

Affordability: We believe that meaningful gifts should be accessible to all. We strive to provide affordable options without compromising on quality, making the art of gift-giving accessible to a wide range of individuals and families.